Company Management

Managing Partner - Mr. Damitha Sanjeewa.

The current link of the chain of “P.D.Romanis and Sons” who took over the business after the demise of his father, Mr. Sugathadasa. He currently holds the total responsibility of logistics and exports in addition to his portfolio of property management and development.

Partner – Mrs. Jeewani Kumari

Mrs. Jeewani, the beloved life companion of Mr. Damitha Sanjeewa entered into business partnership in 2010 and holds the total responsibilities of purchasing, stores and production processes with quality assurance. She also has been operating as the Management representative (MR) of ISO Quality Management System and the final authority of releasing products to the customer.

Partner - Mr. Mahesh Ukwatta

He maintains and balances the business with long standing customers and explores potential markets and opportunities in the non- traditional spice importing countries. and he has been assigned to introduce and diversify value added products to capture tourism based markets in Sri Lanka.

Manager-Finance - Mrs. Thakshima

Currently the position is held by Mrs.Thakshima .she is assisting to, managing finances, project appraisals, general administration, planning and strategist the operations. In addition,